Who doesn’t love the pros of an electric fireplace?  Installation is as easy as plugging the unit in.  They are easy and cheap to operate.

Since they output hot air (and don’t heat up to the touch), they can be installed almost anywhere.  They pose only the same fire safety hazard as other large heaters.

Electric fireplaces are also 99.9% efficient.  This means no smoke and no ash to clean up after enjoying a fire.

However, many of us have also experienced electric fireplaces we very much dislike: a flat, lifeless flame effect, a loud heater, all in a tiny fire box.  Don’t fret.  You can find extraordinarily realistic electric fireplaces!

Modern technology allows for near-silent heaters, glowing ember beds, and, of course, dancing, lifelike flames.  This technology is on the high end of the price range.

Even the cheaper electric fireplace models of today are far more convincing than the models of the past.  Check out this article for some more affordable options.

If you’re willing to invest to get that true-to-life flame effect, keep reading for these most realistic models.

starting at $2,995.00

The MagikFlame Fireplace Insert

This fireplace's proprietary HoloFlame technology gives it an extraordinarily realistic flame effect.

The MagikFlame electric fireplace uses HoloFlame technology combined with sound to create extremely an extremely realistic flame effect.  The flames appear to burn on and among the logs, not behind them.

With 21 different flame and sound effects to choose from, you can create the perfect ambiance in your space.

This fireplace is designed to be indistinguishable from a wood burning fireplace, and it really has succeeded.  Some customers note, however, that the fireplace is less realistic at certain angles.

MagikFlame fireplace in a white mantel

The MagikFlame is sold as just an insert or with a variety of mantels that it will fit into perfectly.  If you have a pre-existing fireplace, the MagikFlame insert might fit inside.

If you don’t have a fireplace right now, you can buy the MagikFlame insert plus a mantel surround.

starting at $3,629.99

The Dimplex Opti-myst Pro Built-in Electric Firebox

Dimplex is a leader in the electric fireplace industry, offering innovative products that always impress.

The flame effect of this fireplace is created by water vapor and LED lighting.  The unit, including the water vapor flames, are cool to the touch, but unlike other electric fireplaces, you can reach out and touch the “flames.”

Since the flames have substance and aren’t just a light effect, they are actually 3D and exceptionally lifelike.  As the water vapor escapes past the light it looks like smoke, adding to the true-to-life feel.

This unit has two distinct setting choices as shown above.  You can add log media and create a blazing fire effect or you can create a more modern look by reducing the flame width and removing the logs.

This unit also comes with a heater and a remote control for controlling heat and the height of the flames.

This fireplace can be recessed into a wall or converted into a double-sided unit.  This means it can be enjoyed from two spaces so you get a better value for your money.

You can buy this fireplace in a 46.5 inch width or a 65 inch width depending on your needs.

starting at $649.99

Dimplex Jesse TV Stand and Electric Fireplace

Dimplex's innovative technology gives a beautiful flame effect, even within the size restrictions of a media console.

This media console has a clean design and a realistic flame effect.  Contemporary and sleek, this unit is a great space saver with storage space and room for your TV on top.

You can choose between log media, which gives the whole unit a more rustic feel or crystal media, which give a more industrial look.

Why did we choose this model?  While on Amazon, it’s more popular to buy pieces like this from furniture brands, a furniture brand’s electric fireplace won’t be very realistic.

This electric fireplace TV stand comes from one of the top electric fireplace manufacturers around.

The fireplace can be operated with or without heat and has other features controlled by the panel in the top right corner.  The TV console itself is 65 inches long and contains an adjustable shelf in each cabinet.

starting at $2,14.99

Dimplex Ignite XL Wall-Recessed Fireplace

This is one of Dimplex's most popular models. It's unique reflective technology give it a depth that other wall mount fireplaces just don't have.
the Dimplex Ignite XL

The Ignite XL can be purchased with crystals or a driftwood log set.  You can change the flame color and ember bed color with a remote control.

The heater on this unit is remarkably quiet and powerful.

While it does have a more modern appearance than a traditional wood burning fireplace, that doesn’t reduce it’s beautiful life-like flames.  This model would be a eye-catching statement piece in almost any space.

This model is made to be recessed into a wall and comes in a variety of lengths so it can fit almost anywhere.

Dimplex has earned itself three places on this list due to their leadership and innovation in the electric fireplace industry.  The designs they produce are consistently more and more lifelike while providing the safety, efficiency, and quality we expect from electric fireplaces.

starting at $1,259.00

Napoleon Allure Phantom Electric Fireplace

Napoleon has proven itself with, not only beautiful, but quality products that stand the test of time.

The Napoleon Allure Phantom offers only three flame colors to choose from but has a variety of intensity settings.  The difference between a roaring fire and a slow burn really does affect the ambiance of a space.

This unit can be wall mounted or recessed and produces up to 5,000BTUs with it’s efficient heater.

The addition of blue flames brings out the modern, elegant aspects of the fireplace as opposed to a more rustic feel.  this would be a great addition to a space that you want to feel inviting while remaining modern.

Napoleon Allure Phantom

Final Thoughts

Each of these fireplaces has a gorgeous, true-to life flame effect, though they all provide a unique ambiance to a space.

Froom the wood-fire feels of the MagikFlame insert to the cool modern look of the Napoleon Allure Phantom, you’re sure to find a fireplace that works well in your space.

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