A fireplace is a lovely and enchanting addition to any home. Not only does it give an aesthetic look, but also it is perfect during the wintertime when you get to light it up. However, the more you use a fireplace, the dirtier it will get due to all of the soot and smoke. That is why it is important to clean your fireplace area at least once a year.

For the fireplaces that are made from bricks, you need to clean the inside and surrounding bricks in order to keep it in great condition. For that, you can use several methods consisting of both chemicals and household items in order to clean it. Keeping that in mind, listed below are the several ways you can clean your fireplace glass doors and bricks to keep them looking new.

What to Do Before You Start Cleaning Your Fireplace Bricks

Before you start to use different chemicals and products in order to clean your fireplace bricks, you might want to get rid of all of the loose ash and soot first. If you don’t do that, then you are just going to create a mess once you start using your cleaning products. 

In order to clean the loose soot and ash, you are going to need a vacuum cleaner that comes with a brush attachment and a broom. Besides that, you will need to cover the surrounding area with a sheet since it is going to get messy.

sweeping a fireplace hearth

Firstly, you will need to use the broom and use it to brush the bricks, both inside and the ones on the outside. Next, you need to take your vacuum cleaner with its brush attachment and use it to brush up and suck in all the soot and ash. Once you have thoroughly cleaned all the loose ash and soot, now you can start cleaning the bricks with your products.

How to Clean Fireplace Bricks above the Fireplace?

how to clean fireplace brick infographic

First Method: Using Dish Soap And Baking Soda Or Salt 

For this method, you can use any brand of dish soap with baking soda or salt and use a bristle brush to clean the bricks both inside and out. This method is one of the simplest and cheapest one to use. Follow the steps below:

  1. Take equal parts of your dish soap and the baking soda or salt and mix it with water until the mixture forms a cream-like consistency. Make sure that you don’t use too much water. 
  2. Next, apply this mixture on top of the bricks with a dish towel or a cloth.


soap and water with a sponge
  1. Leave the mixture on there for approximately ten minutes. 
  2. Next, using a bristle brush, scrub the bricks in a clockwise motion as you work from the top to the bottom. 
  3. In order to get more scrubbing action, spray some water on the solution. 
  4. Rinse and then wipe. Repeat the whole thing if needed.

Second Method: Using Borax

If the first method didn’t work out for you then it is time to bring in the borax. Follow the steps below for this method:

  1. Mix two tablespoons of borax with a squirt of your dish soap and four cups of hot water. Pour the mixture in a spray bottle.
  2. Shake the spray bottle thoroughly and coat your fireplace bricks
  3. Take your bristle brush and scrub the bricks in a clockwise motion.
  4. Clean off the grime and then rinse. Repeat this method if needed.


teaspoon of white powdered chemical over a bowl of water

Third Method: Using Ammonia 

There are times when you need a harsher chemical in order to clean your bricks that are both inside and outside the fireplace. It should be noted that ammonia is very potent and strong; hence make sure that you keep the windows and doors open.

blue cleaner in a spray bottle

Also, do not use this method on brittle and old bricks, since ammonia is a harsh chemical. Plus, wear goggles and rubber gloves for added protection. Follow the steps below for this method:

  1. Make a mixture of ⅓ cup of ammonia, ¼ cup of your dish soap, and four cups of hot water. Pour that mixture in a spray bottle.
  2. Next, spray this mixture on the bricks and let it sit for a couple of minutes.
  3. Wet the bristle brush that you’re using and scrub the bricks in a clockwise motion.
  4. Rinse the coated area and repeat if needed.

How Frequently Is The Cleaning Of The Fireplace Bricks Needed?

Bricks are formed when purely natural elements are combined, like sand, clay, water, fire, and air. Hence, they are also known as inert bricks. These inert bricks are used in order to build the common fireplace. They are bound to get dirty; therefore require frequent cleaning. Moreover, before you clean the bricks above your fireplace, make sure that the fireplace door is detached. 

Furthermore, when it comes to how frequently you should clean your fireplace bricks, you should clean it a couple of times a year in order to keep it in an immaculate condition and for optimal performance.

For easier cleaning, consider sealing the brick. This helps prevent soot buildup.

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