Fireplaces are among the favorite amenities that most homebuyers look at when planning to buy a home. This is thanks to the functional and aesthetical roles that fireplaces play in homes. It is a source of warmth when there is an electrical outage; they cut energy costs and create a romantic setting in homes.

Homeowners have also realized that it is essential to have fireplace doors. They reduce safety risks as they keep pets and children from the flames, enhance efficiency, prevent backdrafts, and reduce energy costs. 

Fireplace doors require maintenance for them to perform optimally. Cleaning and doing fireplace door replacement may be necessary to continue enjoying excellent fireplace performance.

Why should you use this guide?

Not many homeowners know that their fireplace door needs to be replaced. Heat and accumulated soot may cause the fireplace door to darken, undermining its functionality and aesthetics. Understanding when and how to replace a fireplace door is vital if you are to continue enjoying it.

The job can be time-consuming. More so, the standard procedure of door replacement may not work in this case. That is why you need a comprehensive guide specifically for replacing the fireplace door. 

With a useful guide, you will be able to safely perform the extraction and reinstallation and efficiently use the available materials. Also, the result will be a fireplace door that performs optimally.

Necessary precautions while doing fireplace door replacement

Failure to take the necessary precautions when doing fireplace door replacement can lead to injuries or damage to the unit. You should, therefore, familiarize yourself with a few things that will make your fireplace makeover successful.

fireplace glass infographic

1. Allow the fireplace door to cool

Before touching the frame of the existing door, ensure that it is cold, lest you will get burnt. If the fireplace was in use, give it about three hours to cool. 

hand opening glass door

2. Be careful when drilling into brickwork

You need to be careful when working on doors installed on brickwork. That is both when removing the old doors, and when replacing them. If the brickwork is old, it can break if not handled gently.

drill tightening a screw

3. Do not overtighten the screws

Tightening the screws too much can cause breakage of the unit if it is frameless, or even the bricks anchoring the door. 

To ensure that the fireplace door maintains its functional state, do not lay it on its front as you work on the replacement. It could lead to breakage or scratches, which are unsightly.

Fireplace door replacement guide

Here is a simple guide that can help you effectively replace the existing fireplace door.

  1. Let the fireplace door cool then wear gloves to start working on the door. Open the fireplace doors then reach for the upper corner of the door where it is attached to the lintel. Alternatively, you can reach for the upper part of the framework. The goal is to find the thumbscrew that connects the unit to the lintel.
  2. Using your hands or pliers loosen the screw counterclockwise. Once you have removed the screw, try sliding the door to clear them. The direction of sliding will depend on how many doors you are working with. If it is a single door, you should try sliding it outwards the fireplace. If there is a set, then slide it to the middle. Once the door is clear, lift it off the framework and set it aside.
  3. The new fireplace door comes with straps that are used to secure the door on the frame of the firebox. Before installing, clear the area of any debris to avoid damage to the unit and to create a clear workspace.
  4. Try out a placement for the door. Attach the straps to the door on the bottom side. Hold the door back in position to determine where you will install it. Using a pencil, mark where the straps land on the base of the firebox. This is where you will drill holes for the screws.
  5. Once you have marked, remove the door and start drilling holes on the base of the firebox carefully using a masonry drill.
  6. Place the door back in position with the straps over the holes, and clamp the door on the base of the firebox. Using a drill driver, secure the straps on the firebox.
  7. The door is now in position, and you are free to drill the side straps to the firebox. Once every strap has been secured, then your job is complete.

Tips for cleaning and maintaining fireplace door

Cleaning and maintaining the fireplace door is vital for it to serve you for a long time. Here is what you need to do to keep it in good shape.

cleaning a fireplace door
  1. Use a damp paper towel and leftover ash to lift the soot from the glass door. Dip a damp paper towel or cloth in ash and use it to rub the interior of the glass door in a circular motion.
  2. If the soot is still caked on the glass, repeat the process until it is all lifted. You can use another paper towel to clean the glass of any remaining soot. White vinegar is a good alternative for this process. All you need to do is pray it on the glass, and let it sit for one minute then rub the soot out using a paper towel.

3. Spray a glass cleaner on the door and use a sponge scrub until it is clean. Ensure that no part is left out. Using a cloth and clean water wash it down until it is rinsed entirely. Use a paper towel to dry the door. 


Proper maintenance of a fireplace door entails regular washing to prevent the build-up of soot. Keeping your fireplace clean will also go a long way in keeping the glass fireplace doors presentable. If you have to remove the glass while cleaning it, you should be gentle to prevent breakage. 

Fireplaces can enhance the aesthetics of a home, and more so ensure that the house has enough warmth even when there is no electricity. To enhance the safety of your home and the efficiency of the fireplace you need to install fireplace doors. They should also be maintained and replaced when they malfunction.

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