When you look at how often they are searched for, you’d think see through electric fireplaces are quite popular.  They are popular in the sense that so many people want one, but very few people have one.

Why?  Believe it or not, there are only two.  Out of all the electric fireplace models available, there are only two that are double sided: Napoleon’s CLEARion Elite and Dimplex’s Opti-myst Pro.  This makes these fireplaces quite exclusive.

I’ve been looking forward to reviewing them.  They each use completely different technology so neither is necessarily better than the other.

I get into a more specific buyer guide below, but let’s start with a quick overview.    Wall mounted electric fireplaces have become more and more popular.  At this point, you can get a range of products from a $200 model on Amazon to a high-quality $2000 model from a manufacturer like Napoleon.

These models are wall mounted fireplaces, but they are unique in that they can be enjoyed from two rooms.  Install one in a wall or partial wall between two rooms or spaces and enjoy it from either one.  You get more for your dollar than with a traditional wall mounted model.

The model comes with tons of flame color options and provides supplemental heat.  It is quite modern, unlike traditional electric fireplace inserts.  Now let’s get into the details.

Napoleon CLEARion Elite

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Dimplex Opti-myst Pro 1000

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Let’s start off by talking about the manufacturer Napoleon.  The company is based in Canada and has been around for decades.  They started with wood-burning stoves and haven’t stopped innovating.

One of their products made it to this list of best wood-burning fireplaces.  Their electric models are sold by dealers around the country and trusted for their quality.

You may be wondering if they offer good customer service.  As the manufacturer, they do have some resources on their page.  However, your first point of contact is going to be your seller, not Napoleon.

This means you should ask some questions to your seller including:

  • What is the warranty?
  • What is your return policy?
  • Do you offer assistance with installation?
  • Do you get the fireplace to me or do I bring it home myself?

I’d highly recommend checking the bad reviews on multiple products that they sell.  You could find customer service complaints and choose another buyer.


Dimplex is a leading manufacturer of electric fireplaces for commercial and industrial applications.  They have long been known for their commitment to innovation.

Dimplex consistently releases new product models and new lines of products with revolutionary technology.  You can usually pick from a wide range of price points with their newest models being most expensive.

Dimplex sells electric fireplaces (of course).  They also sell many other forms of electric heating systems.

As with Napoleon, you’ll probably buy from a dealer, not Dimplex.  Make sure to look into the customer service of the dealer before purchasing.

CLEARion Elite

Let’s talk about the CLEARion.  Number one, it is just beautiful.  The sleek design is perfect for adding a modern flare to any space.

The model comes with both crystals and logs so you can choose between them and switch when you desire to.  In addition, you can choose between a stainless steel or black surround.  This feature is optional so you don’t have to put it on both sides if you don’t want to.

Second, once you install it, you can customize everything from flame height to heat.  Let’s look at all your options.

  • Choose between blue, orange, and multi-color flames
  • Choose between 15 different colors for your ember bed
  • Choose between 5 different flame speeds
  • Control the brightness of the ember bed
  • Control the flame brightness
  • Control heat output from each room individually (i.e. you can have heat output in one room and not another)
  • Choose between transparent, semi-transparent, and opaque glass for full privacy if you desire

The fireplace comes with a touch panel on either side plus two remote controls so that you can customize all this from either space.

All these options mean that the fireplace can be customized to produce any ambiance.  From your romantic dinner party to your kid’s fourth birthday party, you’ll be prepared.

Check out this video to see all these features in action.  Watch until the end to see the glass changing transparency!  That is definitely the coolest feature.

As far as specifics go, the fireplace can produce up to 10,000BTUs.  It is 3,000 watts and requires hardwire 120V or 240V.  The viewing area is 43 ⅝” wide and 12” high.

It’s also important to note that this unit should be installed by a professional.  This is not a DIY project.

Opti-myst Pro

This fireplace has revolutionary technology.  No other electric fireplace has 3D flames like this one.

This fireplace is customizable in it’s placement.  You can build it into a wall like a traditional wall-mounted fireplace or replace the back panel with glass to create a double sided electric fireplace.

The model uses vapor and LED technology to create the appearance of 3-D flames and smoke.  It even has a crackling sound maker so that you get the full fireplace experience.

The flames are behind glass to prevent the vapor from being disturbed.  However, if you could touch them, they would be cool to the touch.  The whole unit stays cool to the touch at all times.

The unit does produce heat, however.  This way you can enjoy your fireplace ambiance on a chilly night.  But the unit will never be hot to the touch for safety and peace of mind.

You can choose between lots of media options including driftwood, tumbled rocks, crystals, and a traditional log set.  The fireplace also comes in multiple size options.  Here’s a video reviewing this fireplace.

The specifics of this model vary by size, but you can check the Dimplex website to find specifics according to size.  This model can be filled manually or hooked up to your water line.  Either way, it needs to be installed by a professional.

This fireplace doesn’t have the same customizability as the Napoleon.  It doesn’t have flame colors choices, and the glass is only clear.  However, the flames are 3D and exceptionally realistic.

Final Thoughts

So which is better?  That is really up to you! Neither is necessarily better; they each have different features.

Do you prefer lots of colors or a realistic flame?  Is having a privacy glass option important to you?  It’s these details that will lead you to buying one over the other.

Fallen in love with these exclusive electric fireplaces?  Check out our product page which has a little more information.

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