How can something this warm be so cool?  A wall mounted electric fireplace can add a modern feel to any room.

When you walk into a room with one of these fireplaces, you can’t help but be drawn to it.  Dancing flames, cozy ambiance, and sleek design make hanging electric fireplaces the perfect focal point for your space.

Whether you need general information or reviews on the best models, you’ll find what you need in this all-inclusive guide.  Use the table of contents to navigate and find the information you need.

Why Choose an Electric Fireplace

Electric fireplaces use (you guessed it) electricity instead of gas or wood.  This means there’s no smoke, ashes, or soot to deal with when you turn on the fireplace.

Electric fireplaces are 99.9% efficient, meaning there are no harmful fumes or carcinogens to worry about.  Your health and the environment will thank you.

Unlike gas and wood fires, which lose most of their heat up the chimney, electric fireplaces can quickly heat your space.  All the heat an electric fireplace produces goes straight into your room.

With an electric fireplace, you can save money on your heating bill by turning the thermostat down and preventing wasted heat in areas of your home that aren’t occupied.  Then turn your fireplace on for selective space heating.  You also save money on chimney cleaning and maintenance costs.

Since electric fireplaces aren’t permanent fixtures like a brick or stone fireplace, you can take it with you if you decide to move.  If you live in an apartment or home without a traditional fireplace, a hanging electric fireplace can be a perfect addition to your space.

Why Choose a Wall Mount (Hanging) Electric Fireplace?

Wall mounted fireplaces save on floor space and can be hung on almost any wall.  You can even recess them into a wall so they are flush with it.

Installation is easy and can be done with a few simple tools, especially if you are just hanging it.  If you don’t have a pre-existing fireplace in your apartment or home, a hanging fireplace is an easy way to add a focal point to your room without taking up much space.

electric fireplace

Even though electric fires aren’t really a fire hazard, it’s a good idea to clear a couple feet of space around and in front of the fireplace, just in case.

How Do I Install a Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace?

A wall mounted electric fireplace can be installed just about anywhere you have wall space, just like hanging a flat-screen TV.  These fireplaces come with all hardware you need to get the job done

The project is typically a simple one.  You don’t need to be a DIY expert, but you will probably want a buddy to help lift the unit onto the wall.

Before you start, check to see if there’s an electrical outlet near the space you want to hang the fireplace.  (If it’s not a three-prong outlet, you’ll need an adaptor.)  Then plug the fireplace in to be sure it’s working properly; unplug it before you start the installation.

  1. Find the studs in your wall.  If you can’t install the fireplace on the studs, you’ll need plastic anchors.
  2. Install the wall hardware.  This will be some sort of bracket hardware.  Remember, if you aren’t using the studs of your wall, you must install the brackets with drywall anchors.
  3. If your unit doesn’t have bottom brackets already installed, attach the brackets to the bottom of the unit.
  4. With your buddy, lift the fireplace and hang it on the brackets.
  5. Plug in your fireplace.  You may want to hide the cord using tape or paint.

Top 3 Models at an Affordable Price

These are our top picks for affordable wall mount electric fireplaces.  We’ve looked at reviews, manufacturer reputation, and quality and selected these to recommend.

PuraFlame Alice 50 Inches Recessed Electric Fireplace, Wall Mounted for 2 X 6 Stud, Log Set & Crystal, 1500W Heater, Black

$435.99  in stock
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as of June 4, 2024 12:35 am


  • DIMENSION: Overall dimension (including glass): 50” Width x 20 1/4” Height x 5 29/32” Depth, firebox dimension (without glass): 42 13/16” W x 18 1/32” H x 5 11/16” D. For more information, please see “Specification sheet” in “Technical Specification” section below
  • INSTALLATION: In-wall recessed installation ONLY, CANNOT be hanged on the wall or freestanding, a perfect fit for 2 x 6" wall. Two electrical connections: Plug-in or Hard-wiring. Just plug in 110V outlet and enjoy
  • REALISTIC FLAME EFFECT: Ultra High Intensity LED lights provide very bright and realistic flame effect. Two options for ember bed: Log set or crystal stones to suit your need. Total 4 different flame settings cater to your desired ambience (1. Yellow with a little bit blue low brightness 2. All yellow brightness 3. Yellow with a little bit blue brightness 4. All blue brightness). The flame effect can be operated with or without heat for year-round ambience
  • HEATER: Upper front heater blower (heat outlet at the middle top and air inlets beside the outlet). Two heat settings (high 1500W and low 750W) put out reasonable heat, but CANNOT be used as a main heat source. The thermostat can control the room temperature to suit the user's preference. The countdown timer can be set to turn off the fireplace from 30 minutes to 9 hours
  • MODERN HOME DÉCOR: The fireplace brings relaxation and comfort into the home, it is ideal for living room, entertainment center or anywhere suitable and you would like to have. Touch screen buttons enable a unique user experience, touch button light will be turned off after several seconds without any operation

This model by PuraFlame produces stunning flames and has a sleek black look.  It will blend easily with almost any decor.

You can choose either logs or crystals for the fuel bed and arrange them as you like.  The flames have three color choices, and the ember bed has 14.

The heater has high, low, and off settings.  Every setting can be adjusted using the remote control.

Touchstone 80001 - Onyx Electric Fireplace - (Black) - 50 Inch Wide - On-Wall Hanging - Log & Crystal Included - 5 Flame Settings - Realistic Flame - 1500/750W Timer & Remote

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as of June 4, 2024 12:35 am


  • REALISTIC LOG SET: Amaze your guests with the lifelike flames of this electric fireplace. Its realistic flames are set in a pile of faux logs or crystals (both included) that lends the homey appeal of an authentic fireplace. The log set or crystals lie behind durable tempered glass with a contemporary black frame. Enjoy smoke-free air while feeling warm during a cold night. This electric fireplace is 50.4” in width, 21.65” in height, and 5.5” deep.
  • TWO HEAT OPTIONS: Touchstone Electric Fireplaces feature two heat settings (high and low) that can provide supplemental heat to any room of up to 400 square feet. This allows you to control the amount of warmth produced to create a cozy atmosphere. A five-flame brightness setting that ranges from a dull ember glow to a full blazing light lets you adjust the flames depending on your desired luminosity.
  • HASSLE-FREE INSTALLATION: This 50-inch-wide electric fireplace only weighs 46 pounds, so one person can easily install it alone. Enjoy a hassle-free and simple installation using the step-by-step instructions provided. Once it has been mounted to your wall, all you need to do is hang and secure your fireplace with the drywall screws. You no longer need to stack firewood or clean up ashes to turn up the heat, as the Touchstone Electric Fireplace is powered by a remote control.
  • ELEGANT HOME DÉCOR: Fill a big blank wall with a touch of modernity and elegance. This electric fireplace will serve as functional décor for your bedroom, library, or family room. It can be used at any time of the year, since it has a dual-mode feature that allows the fireplace to operate with or without heat. A built-in timer for auto-shutoff can be set for 30 minutes to 7.5 hours.
  • SAFE AND EFFICIENT TO USE: The risk of having a wood-burning fireplace that might cause chimney fires or other dangers is no longer a worry with a Touchstone Electric Fireplace! The Onyx fireplace uses energy efficient LED technology. It’s safe for children and pets, since its LED bulbs are cool to the touch and mercury-free. The Touchstone Electric Fireplace guarantees that you get your money’s worth.

Touchstone’s Onyx is easy to install, weighing only 45 pounds.  It also has high, low and off heat settings, controlled by remote or touchscreen panel

While you can’t choose the flame color, you can adjust the flame brightness settings from a low glow to a full blaze.  You can arrange the logs and crystals that come with the set as you please.

ClassicFlame 36II100GRG Elysium 36" Wall Mounted Infrared Quartz Fireplace, Black Glass Frame

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as of June 4, 2024 12:35 am


  • 5,200 BTU heater provides supplemental zone heating for up to 1,000 square feet to help you save money
  • The infrared quartz heat helps to maintain the natural humidity in the air, resulting in comfortable heat without drying out the room's air
  • Flame effect can be operated with or without heat, providing the ambiance of a gentle rolling fire all year long
  • Adjustable digital thermostat allows you to decide the temperature of your room
  • Decorative LED sidelights and uplights glow with five color options each - uplights in combination of white and blue, and sidelights in combination of amber and blue

The Elysium by Classic Flame can be hung, but it also has a stand to mount it on.  The infrared quartz puts out 5200BTUs of comfortable heat.

The black glass frame has class that fits with most decor.  The decorative effects include LED sidelights and ember bed lights with five color options.

Wall Mount or Wall Recessed?

I’ve mentioned both of these methods of installing your electric fireplace.  It’s time to look at them both a bit more in depth.  You can simply mount your fireplace on a wall like hanging a picture or you can recess the unit into the wall.

Recessing your unit is a little more work, but it has a finished look to it.  It has a custom, permanent feel.  You will have to invest in framing materials for the unit.

Here is a time-lapse video of a fireplace framing project.  You don’t need to create something this large and in depth; a simple frame with drywall will do.  However, depending on your budget, you may want to create something a little larger and more elaborate.

Wall-hung fireplaces are easy to install, and you don’t have the extra costs incurred by recessing the unit.  However, especially if left on an undecorated wall, this installation method can look rushed and unprofessional.

electric fireplace wall-recessed

Are Hanging Electric Fireplaces Safe?

Yes!  Even though they produce plenty of heat, they remain cool to the touch.  Since there aren’t any hot metal casings to worry about, rowdy kids and pets remain safe.  Some fireplaces offer safety features that monitor the temperature of the plug and automatically turn off the unit if overheating is detected.

Electric fireplaces are minimally hazardous, if at all.  The “flames” are just flame effects created by light, and the heater system is just like other freestanding heaters you can plug in and operate.

Where Can I Purchase a Wall Mount Electric Fireplace?

You can find electric fireplaces in showrooms all around the country.  However, ordering one online has never been easier.  From specialty fireplace stores to big box stores like Lowe’s, Home Depot, Walmart, and Bust Buy, you can find fireplaces in a variety of styles and sizes.  With a range of price points as well, you’ll be able to find the perfect model for your home.

Amazon is also a great place to purchase fireplaces.  Many sellers have great return policies, and past buyers are very helpful.  Many post videos, pictures, and reviews while others answer questions from interested customers.

Final Thoughts

Wall mounted electric fireplaces offer ambiance and make rooms feel cozy.  Helping you save on energy bills and fireplace maintenance, an electric fireplace costs less and is more energy efficient than traditional wood or gas fireplaces.  This ultimately keeps more money in your pocket.

Hanging electric fireplaces come with a variety of options from safety features to remote controls.  Enjoying a warm fire has never been safer or easier.

Think of a place in your home where a fireplace could add some warmth and pizazz, and then go for it!  Whether it’s your home office, bedroom, basement, or bathroom, you’re sure to enjoy the flickering flames year round. is a partner in multiple affiliate programs.  Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links.  As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

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