The Marco fireplace company is out of business.  However, you can still purchase fireplace doors, blowers, gas logs, and paint kits for Marco fireplaces.  Parts and services are still available from other parties.  Have an outdated Marco fireplace?  Removing the old fireplace and installing a new one is an option, but it’s expensive and usually unnecessary.  Consider updating your old fireplace instead.

Marco Fireplace Doors

Even though Marco is out of businesses, still makes fireplace doors for Marco fireplaces.  These doors are especially helpful in the winter but save energy year round as well.  Have you ever closed your damper right after your fire has gone out and woken up to a smoky room?  Fireplace doors are designed so you can close them as soon as the fire has gone out.  You can keep the damper open to let smoke out but keep the doors closed to keep warm air in.  You’ll wake up to a warm, smoke-free room the next day.

Even during the hotter months, Marco fireplace glass doors insulate the fireplace by providing a dead air space between the closed damper and closed fireplace glass doors.  Brick-Anew uses tempered glass on their doors.  For more information about the differences between tempered and ceramic glass, click here.

Fireplace doors are an easy way to update your outdated fireplace.  They add efficiency, style, and safety.  While burning, the open doors provide a “shield” on either side of the firebox.  This can prevent accidents with rowdy pets and kids.  You can close the doors once the fire has died down to keep embers and ash in the firebox.  Plus, fireplace doors are super easy to install.  If you can hang a picture frame, you can put fireplace doors on your fireplace.  The instructions are simple and the process can be done with an electric drill, drill bits, and a Phillips screwdriver.

fireplace doors

Brick-Anew is our choice for fireplace doors since they offer a lifetime guarantee on the glass.  They also offer free glass tinting, free shipping, a full swing door upgrade, and a no-hassle satisfaction guarantee.  You might choose tinted glass for wood-burning fireplaces to hid the ashes and mess once the fire has gone out.  The full swing door option is a little more money, but they can be removed for easier cleaning.

Replacement Doors

Already have a frame but missing the doors?  You can buy replacement doors to go into your frame.  Your frame must have tracks, which are pretty standard for fireplace door frames and provide a channel for the fireplace doors to slide into.  The tracks must also have a clip to hold the glass doors in place.  If your frame doesn’t have these specifications, you’ll want to purchase new doors.

gas logs

Gas Logs

Another way to update an old fireplace is by using gas logs.  Gas logs can be beautifully painted to look just like wood, and they streamline the burning process.  There’s no waiting for a fire to start or die out; there’s no clean up.  Just turn on the gas, and you’ll have a beautiful fire; turn off the gas, and the fire goes out.

So even though Marco itself has gone out of business, you can easily and affordably update that Marco to create a beautiful and safe fireplace. is a partner in multiple affiliate programs.  Some of the links in this article may be affiliate links.  As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.

16 thoughts on “Marco Fireplaces – Gone, but not Forgotten

  1. Lucy says:

    I have a gas fireplace with MACO Mfg parts and I heard there is a recall on it and I need to know where to go for the recall info since Masco is out of business.

    Vent Gas Fireplace – MACO Mfg.
    Model: 794154B
    Serial : WH2710
    Natural Gas: 18,500

    1. Serethiel Freeman says:

      Hi Lucy! You can find Marco fireplace parts at a variety of online stores. It depends what you’re looking for. For fireplace doors, I recommend For more specialty parts, check out Hope this helps!

      1. DJ says:

        I have a Marco fireplace and the back refractory panel is cracking. Where is the best site to locate a replacement panel?

        1. Serethiel Freeman says:

          Hello DJ,
          I recommend starting with They are a huge online warehouse of fireplace parts and could probably set you in the right direction.

  2. Jean Kimak says:

    Looking for someone to service our Marco fireplace – possible switch problem. Central New Jersey



    1. Serethiel Freeman says:

      Hello Jean,
      For a local service, you will need to find a professional in your area. Unfortunately, we are based in Atlanta so I have no recommendations to offer you.

  3. Esther Lopez says:

    I need a Marco chimney pipe do u know where I can buy one?

    1. Serethiel Freeman says:

      Hello Esther,
      I recommend starting with They are a huge online warehouse of fireplace parts and could probably set you in the right direction.

  4. Patrick says:

    Good Afternoon,

    I need to know if the Marco model 792779D is a wood burning insert.

    When we moved into this house 5 years ago, the fireplace was gas burning. We recently removed the gas pipes from the fireplace and plan to make it wood burning. Just want to make sure we are able to keep this.

    1. Serethiel Freeman says:

      Hello Patrick,
      Unfortunately, many records about Marco fireplaces have been lost. However, one of the key differences between wood and gas fireplaces is the BTU output each fireplace can safely withstand. A local professional should be able to help you determine if it’s safe to burn wood in the firebox.

  5. Susan Majewski says:

    I recently bought a home that has a recalled Marco fireplace. I can not get any company to come help change/replace/remove the fireplace. Can you help we live in Hilton Head Island sc.

    1. Serethiel Freeman says:

      Hello Susan! Unfortunately, this is a job for a local professional team. We are unable to provide services like this.

  6. Georgiann E. Hampton says:

    I have a Marco fireplace that isn’t working. I purchased my home 2 years ago and I don’t see where there is a blower or anything for that matter. Who can I call to service this fireplace?

    1. Serethiel Freeman says:

      Hello Georgiann, for a fireplace that needs service, you will need to contact a local fireplace specialist.

  7. patricia bruno says:

    I have a Marco wood burning fireplace and I am needing to order the back refractory panel – 164603. My had pieces break off of it in chunks. Have repaired small cracks with fireplace mortar but think this area is too big to use fireplace cement/mortar. I was told that these inserts can be changed easily so what would I need to do to get the old one out and the new one in.

    1. Serethiel Freeman says:

      Hello Patricia,

      For a renovation project like this, we recommend contacting a local professional. Your fireplace seems to be in significant disrepair, and certain pieces of prefabricated fireplaces are essential for safe operation.

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