Electric fireplace designs do not mean missing out on a traditional or classy fireplace style. They aren’t always black boxes with no inspiration. Electric fireplace styles exist for any home design, it’s simply a matter of exploring the options. Don’t miss out on the easy ambiance created by electric fireplace inserts. 


White fireplace finishes have been extremely popular and stylish recently. A clean white electric fireplace can create a bright pop for an electric fireplace focal point or subtly compliment a room’s design. 

For a true farmhouse electric fireplace design,  white may be the perfect choice. Many people think that electric fireplaces lack the elegance or stylistic taste that a more traditional installation may offer. However, pairing the right color to the right interior can create a very similar, tasteful design. Farmhouse interior design styles are extremely popular, and a white electric fireplace is the perfect finishing touch. Not only will it add the warmth and ambiance that a farmhouse styled room may desire, but a clean white finish will perfectly match any scheme.

White electric fireplaces can also serve as a more bold, contemporary piece. Monochrome designs are extremely popular for more modern designs, and a sleek, white electric fireplace might be the perfect addition. Adding a modern electric fireplace can help create a very smooth, ambient detail. A sleek white finish will serve as a pop for these more understated color schemes, without compromising an overall trendy look. 


More neutral electric fireplace finishes offer a look closer to a traditional piece. These finishes can match a “designer” style room; something you might find in a home decor catalog. Brown or gray electric fireplaces offer simple elegance and go beyond a plainly sleek finish. These can mimic a more intricate installation, with fine detailing to accomodate any carefully decorated room or space. With the simplicity of these finishes, they also can blend into virtually any design. However, the stylish neutral finish will compliment and elevate a room’s design. Electric fireplace designs help to contribute to decor, not compromise home design. 


A more classic and common color is a black electric fireplace finish. These are offered in a more basic style, which match the modern vibe of an electric fireplace. Black fireplace finishes can serve as great contrast in any home design. A black electric fireplace is simple and sleek, making it easy to fit into any room. These are extremely common and easy to find at an affordable price as well. From inserts to wall mounts, black is a fireplace finish that can be found for any desired electric fireplace. 


For an undeniable modern fireplace design, metallic electric places offer a unique twist to an otherwise traditional piece of decor. Metallic fireplaces reinvent fireplace design with a bold, sleek pop. This is perfect for a more industrial style space, currently very popular in modern design. To match appliances or stand alone as an eye catching element, these metallic electric fireplace insert finishes are definitely worth considering. 

With cool tones and smooth details, these are both trendy and functional. Easy to clean and versatile, a more modern electric fireplace design can easily be achieved. Metallic electric fireplace inserts can be found in gold, silver or a basic stainless steel. These are quality, trendy, and serve as the perfect option for a modern electric fireplace. 


Stone electric fireplaces offer the best of both worlds: a rustic electric fireplace design with the ease of a more modern electric fireplace insert. Stone finishes always create a more detailed, organic feel due to the natural texture and materials utilized. Faux stone electric fireplaces are cost effective and easy to install, making them a perfect option for quickly elevated interior design. Corner stone electric fireplaces are popular, mimicking a more traditional and permanent construction.

Electric fireplace inserts with stone can feature multiple finishes, combining wood or metal with stone detailing. These create beautiful pieces with intricate details that can serve as a true fireplace focal point. These elegant and classic fireplace designs are timeless. 


Lastly, wood finished electric fireplaces bring together traditional and modern design. Wood electric fireplace inserts can be customized to fit any space due to the ease of painting the finish. From a bold white pop, to a subtle, rustic neutral, wood electric fireplaces are extremely flexible in their design. 

This traditional finish will serve as the perfect compliment to a cozy, warm night sitting by the fire. From cherry wood to rustic wood electric fireplaces any desired look is possible. 

No matter the desired look, electric fireplaces offer such a vast array of style options. Electric fireplace finishes are essential when considering home decor, and exploring these options will help inspire any electric fireplace design. Get creative and explore your options to find the perfect electric fireplace insert for your home!  

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