If you have a little one crawling or toddling around the house, you know the importance of childproofing everything in sight and that includes your fireplace.  Those cute little rascals get into everything! Fireplace safety is an important topic for any parent when it comes to small children and even pets playing around your fireplace.  Lucky for us, there’s no shortage of fireplace baby safety products to help keep our precious ones safe.

Let’s take a look at a few of the top parent choices for childproofing your fireplace to keep it tot-friendly.

Fireplace Safety Gates

If you have a working fireplace and you love to enjoy a warm fire during the fall and winter months, then you really need a fireplace safety gate.  Yes, it will party block your view of the fire, but you’ll have peace of mind. The gate will protect your child from getting burned by hot glass or sparks and embers.  The gate you choose should stand secure and not topple over easily. It should also allow easy access when you need to tend to the fire.

When considering a fireplace safety gate, remember that the gate should be at least 22 inches tall and at least your child’s height.  You want to be sure the gate is tall enough so your child can’t climb over it. The spacing between the bars should be less than 3 inches apart so arms, legs, and head can’t get caught between.  Think about the materials the gate is made of such as wood, metal or plastic. Some plastics have toxins so make sure if it’s plastic, it has no PVC’s which are unsafe for small children. Make sure the gate can be installed without any sharp screws sticking out or loose parts that can come off easily.  Look for a certification from the JPMA or Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association

Qdos Construct-A-Safe-Gate

This gate allows you to customize for the size you need around your fireplace area. You can purchase additional sections and doors if you want to make your enclosed area larger.  Strong construction and mounting hardware provides a sturdy barrier.


KidCo Auto Close Hearth Gate

The KidCo gate system fits a standard 6 feet hearth.  With this fireplace safety fence, you have a choice where the door section goes so you can decide where access will be the most convenient.  The gate automatically locks with a magnet. Extension parts are available.


Fireplace Safety Baby Foam

KidCo Hearth Foam Cushion

This foam cushion helps protect little ones from the sharp edges of the hearth if they fall.  The soft foam lays over the hearth to form a protective area. Eight feet long, this foam barrier includes foam corners and can be trimmed for a custom fit.  The flame retardant, non-toxic foam is held in place by double stick tape which adheres to tile, stone, brick or slate.


If you have a fireplace and a toddler padding around your house, you should consider fireplace safety products that will keep the little one out of harm’s way and help you relax and enjoy the ambiance of your burning fire without worry. Whether it’s a foam cushion or a fireplace safety screen, gate or fence, you’ll be glad you made the purchase.  

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