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Electric Fireplace Logs: A Simple Alternative To A Real Fire

Electric Fireplace log

Electric Fireplace Logs: A Simple Alternative To A Real Fire

Everybody knows the warm, familiar feeling of settling down next to a crackling fireplace for a cozy evening. With the growing popularity of electric fireplace inserts, it may seem like the definition of a fireside evening might be changing. However, electric fireplace logs create the same authentic feeling as a traditional fireplace. Electric fireplace log inserts can add that classic touch to a modern electric fireplace. 

Electric Fireplace Log Set

Why Electric Logs? 

Both looks and function matter when designing a home. Electric fireplace log inserts bring both to the table, making fireside evenings as easy as ever. With electric log inserts, fires are easier than ever. Many electric fireplace logs with remotes allow you to control the exact heat and height of the flames being emitted. 

Electric Fireplace Log Set With Mantel Shelf

Electric log inserts also offer the benefit of having a mess free fire. With a traditional fireplace, ash and dust are produced with burning firewood. Obviously, with an electric fireplace log insert, no actual mess is created. These simply flick on and off, while creating the same effect. Electric logs can even crackle to sound just like the real thing!

Additionally, electric fireplace logs can help save money and resources in the long run. There is no need to replace logs or keep a supply, seeing as they do not actually burn away like traditional firewood. This is a great option for a low maintenance, exciting touch to your home. 

The Look 

Excellent decor can totally make or break home design. Electric fireplace logs are of course unique to vamp up an electric fireplace design. While they do add the real wood touch that homeowners love, fake electric fireplace logs can also be a decorative element of a mantel or fireplace display. This unique electric fireplace idea will draw more attention to the piece, making your home fireplace makeover worth every penny. You can customize the fake electric fireplace wood to be any size or color, an added benefit of the faux material. 

Electric Log Fireplace Insert

By stacking logs beneath an electric fireplace display, or showing them off next to a  barn door electric fireplace piece, an entire look can be created. Rustic electric fireplace designs are increasingly popular, and electric fireplace logs can enhance that vibe. Perfect for a cabin, farmhouse inspired room or overall rustic electric fireplace mantel, these logs are the perfect way to bridge together a modern electric fireplace and a more organic or traditional home design. 

Warm Electric Fireplace Logs

Obviously, people love fireplaces because of the warmth. Electric fireplace logs with heaters are the perfect finishing touch to create an even more authentic fireplace look.  A perk of electric fireplace logs are their ability to be adjusted. An electric fireplace logs with a remote will not only let you turn the device on and off, but you can actually alter the temperatures and intensity of the electric log heater. 

Electric Fireplace Log Set

Fake electric fireplace logs can work with an electric fireplace as a decorative piece, or serve as the heater themselves. If electric fireplace electric log inserts do warm, they can be placed in a traditional firebox. With no need to light a fire or worry about a chimney, these heated logs make for a great way to make use of a fireplace space/ 

Electric Fireplace Logs

Many logs are simply a decorative addition. Due to the fact that electric fireplace heaters self ventilate and use faux flames, the logs can be safely placed inside of the structure itself. However, heater electric fireplace logs also exist. These options bring every desired element of an electric fireplace log insert. They can give off realistic looking flames and warmth, without buying an entirely new fireplace. These are great stand alone pieces and can be added into any existing, safe construction. Figuring out how to enhance or upgrade a fireplace or firebox is made easy with electric fireplace log inserts. 

For an easy and quick upgrade, electric fireplace log inserts can be the perfect finishing touch to any fireplace! Whether a modern electric fireplace, or traditional rustic firebox, make the most of it with some quality fake electric logs! 

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