Everybody knows the warm, familiar feeling of settling down next to a crackling fireplace for a cozy evening.  With the growing popularity of electric fireplace inserts, it may seem like the definition of a fireside evening is changing.

However, electric fireplace logs create the same authentic feeling as a traditional fireplace.  Electric fireplace log inserts can add a classic feel to modern electric fireplace technology.

electric fireplace log set

It’s important to note that electric logs are designed to go within a pre-existing fireplace.  If you don’t have an existing fireplace, there is other electric fireplace technology for your home.

Why Electric Logs?

Both looks and function matter when designing a home.  An electric log set brings both to the table, making fireside evenings as easy as ever.

With modern electric technology, you get realistic flame effects, glowing ember beds, and fan forced heaters.  Control it all from the comfort of your couch using a remote control.

You can often choose between a variety of settings including flame height and thermostat controls.  Some sets even offer crackling noises to increase the by-the-fire feel.

log set in a fireplace

Electric fireplace logs also offer the benefit of having a mess-free fire.  Traditional wood burning fires produce ash, soot, and smoke.  Electric fireplaces turn on and off with a button and produce no emissions being 99.9% efficient.

Additionally, electric fireplaces save money and storage space.  An electric fireplace is cheaper to run than a wood or gas one, and you don’t have to store wood anywhere on your property.

Leave behind that pile of wood and all the stress of keeping it dry and bug-free.  An electric fireplace log set is an exciting, low-maintenance addition to your home.

To operate your log set, all you need is an outlet.  Many fireplaces have outlets inside, especially masonry fireplaces, but if you have one nearby the fireplace, you can hide the wire along the seam of the wall.

Creating the Perfect Look

Excellent decor can make or break home design.  If you’ve decided electric logs are right for your home, you’ll want to think about how to incorporate them into your existing decor.

The hand painted faux logs will remain in your fireplace all day long.  This draws attention to your fireplace that it didn’t have before.  This isn’t a bad thing; you’ll just need to consider the decorations you have on the hearth and mantel.

Does your hearth look empty?  When was the last time you reorganized the decorations on your mantel?

Also consider the actual log set you buy.  You can buy realistic log sets that mimic all sorts of log types: oak, pine, white birch, etc..  Think about how the logs will look in your home.

You may also want to consider adding some traditional elements back into the design.  Maybe store a couple nice logs in a basket next to the fireplace or set a metal poker set nearby.  This adds to the real-life feel of your electric logs.

These sorts of details are perfect for a cabin, farmhouse inspired room, or rustic mantel.

For a more traditional feel, consider using a large picture, sign, or mirror on the mantel.  The hearth can be decorated with a basket, a blanket, books, or other items depending on your room’s existing decor.

electric fireplace
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This set of vases is lovely on it’s own or with some greenery, hay, or flowers of your choice.  The varying heights are a classic design statement.

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To add a classic fireplace feel to your log set, a poker set is just the thing.  They’ll always be clean since you don’t have to use them, but they’ll provide a traditional feel to your fireside moments.

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Greenery and flowers around a fireplace helps bring the outdoors inside for a natural feel.  I love this metal vase, especially with a light grey or white brick.

These vases are also nice on their own, but I prefer them with big bunches of flowers during the summer or hay and wheat during the fall.  They pair well with a farmhouse-inspired living space.

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These eucalyptus sprigs are amazing to add a modern touch to a classic fireplace.  Paired with white flowers and vases, they are especially lovely.

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This blanket is one of my favorite items to recommend on the hearth.  Practical for snuggling up on a chilly night, it also is a beautiful chic statement piece.


Many electric log sets come with built in heaters.  However, this is not always the case.

log set

If a strong heating element is important to you, check the BTU output of the heater.  The higher the BTUs, the more heat the unit can produce.

It’s also important to check customer reviews.  Oftentimes the heaters are quite noisy; checking in with previous buyers will give you an idea of the noise the heater produces.

Remember, it doesn’t matter if your unit has a heater or not, it should never get hot to the touch.  The unit doesn’t heat up and emit heat; the heater is a separate device that heats and blows air into the room.

You may want to check the safety devices your log set has installed.  Some units will turn off automatically if they overheat.  This feature reduces the risk of accidental fires.

Final Thoughts

An electric fireplace log set is a great addition to homes that already have a fireplace.  The modern technology means you can enjoy the ambiance of a fire hassle free.

Remember to use decor to fit your log set seamlessly into your room.  Your fireplace is about to get a lot more attention than usual so consider adding some new items to the hearth and mantel.

Electric logs are an easy upgrade and the perfect finishing touch to any fireplace.  Make the most of your fireplace with the realistic detail of a new log set.

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