While a warm, glowing fire is a great addition to the home, a poorly decorated fireplace can be quite a turn off in terms of home design. However, a few simple improvements can help decorative electric fireplaces serve as true statement pieces in any room. Look no further for electric fireplace decor ideas. 

Decorative Electric Fireplaces

Decorative electric fireplace heaters are a perfect place to start when considering electric fireplace design. Not every electric fireplace is a simple black box. Varieties of electric fireplace colors and finishes exist to help aid in the overall style of your home. 

Decorative electric fireplace heaters can also include more stylized pieces. For example, electric fireplaces with a mantel can create a very classic, traditional feel with the modern technology of an electric fireplace. Electric fireplace mantel decor can mimic traditional fireplace inserts, such as pictures, wooden signs and signature lighting pieces. These mantels can be wood or stone, allowing for countless electric fireplace design ideas. 

Electric fireplaces can also come with more elaborate furniture. Electric fireplace entertainment centers or tv stand electric fireplaces offer the benefit of a larger piece, with an electric fireplace insert included. This makes decorating easier and the fireplace easily blends in with the furniture itself. This allows classic decor such as picture frames, bookends, or mementos to be placed which can help create a very personal aesthetic around the fireplace. 

Electric Fireplace Fillers and Logs

Some great electric fireplace decor ideas revolve around fillers. Electric fireplace fillers can be the finishing touch that truly elevates the overall design of an electric fireplace. Many homeowners look for electric fireplace log inserts to give their fireplace heater an authentic touch. 

Electric fireplace log inserts help with the overall customization of a fireplace. These can be simple and classic, or a bit more trendy. A popular choice for decorative fireplace logs are white wood logs. These can match anything from a farmhouse to an elegant room decor, and add a unique pop to your electric firebox. 

Electric fireplace fillers can also be a great opportunity for some flare. Unique glass fireplace fillers are definitely suitable for modern electric fireplaces. These are offered in smoothed, more refined styles. There are also rough edged, rigged glass chunks for a more contemporary, trendy look. These are offered in various colors and opacities so you can really perfect your electric fireplace decor with a perfect pop. 

Fireplace rocks are also a great way to vamp up electric fireplace decor. Rocks are the perfect simple statement. They can be more “raw looking” for a classic rustic feel, or more smoothed and painted for an elegant room design. These are the perfect neutral accent that really adds shows an attention to detail. 

Electric Fireplace Design 

Combining all of the different customizable elements of an electric fireplace will create a cohesive, thoughtful design.  By thinking about how fillers, logs and the style of your actual fireplace can work together will be the best way to ensure a beautiful focal point electric fireplace. 

If you are looking to match a rustic electric fireplace theme, choosing an authentic log set and wood style mantel electric fireplace may be a great combination to consider. Electric fireplace decor ideas are not limited to a modern style; elements like these can create a more organic design. 

For a great modern electric fireplace design, choosing a dark, sleek fireplace filler can really create a trendy aesthetic. This will pair great with a simple black electric fireplace and will surely draw attention to the ambient LED flames. 

With electric fireplace decor, the options are endless. Fireplace design ideas are not limited to wood or gas burning pieces. Decorative electric fireplaces can create the perfect, glowing atmosphere in any home!

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