With many concerns about our climate, making efficient choices inside of your home can be a great way to do your part. In making efficient swaps, the question of safety is never something to rule out. Energy efficient electric fireplaces can ease both efficiency and safety for homeowners. Electric fireplace heater inserts are safe and efficient, and here’s how. 

Efficiency of Electric Fireplace Inserts

Many people have concerns such as, “Will my power bill change with an electric fireplace?”, or “Are electric fireplaces energy efficient?”. The truth is, electric fireplace efficiency is worth some attention. Electric fireplace inserts use very little energy, with about 1,500 watts of power per hour. Since fireplaces are not constantly burning throughout the day, a few fireside nights a week will not make a huge difference. 

The real electric fireplace efficiency comes from the mechanism itself, not the operation of it. WIth a traditional fireplace, ventilation is necessary. This requires access to a chimney flue or gas lines, for wood or gas burning fireplaces. This means that essentially a window to outdoor air is left open at all times if your fireplace is correctly installed. With this opening, conditioned air escapes to the outdoors. With an electric fireplace insert, no chimney is necessary. This opening can be sealed, which conserves the heated or cooled air in your home. Overall, this can help regulate your home’s temperature. Typically, this electric fireplace heater efficiency will lead to a lower power bill and less HVAC use. 

A perk of electric fireplace heaters is their ability to adjust. An adjustable electric fireplace heater allows you to crank up the temperature, or keep the LED flames a bit cooler. The same is true of the LED displays offered by these electric fireplace inserts, making for the perfect fire no matter the season. This allows you to use less energy as well. 

In terms of your power bill, the average frequency of fireplace usage will not make a notable difference. The estimated cost for an electric fireplace heater is about $0.09 an hour, making it a great choice. 

Are Electric Fireplace Heaters Safe? 

A question that many have, nobody wants to invest in new technology that may pose any form of threat to their home. Electric fireplace safety provides some worry free benefits that will ensure carefree use. 

How safe are electric fireplaces? As with any piece of technology, the safety of electric fireplaces depends on proper use and installation. However, if correctly plugged in, electric fireplaces can be safer than wood or gas burning fireplaces. Since they can easily be turned on or off, as well as unplugged, the electrical functioning of them is hard to mess up. 

Electric fireplace heaters also do not heat up to the touch. They radiate heat, but also have internal ventilation systems that allow them to push the heat outward. This way, the glass or frame of electric fireplace inserts do not heat up. This limits the potential to burn oneself turning it off or getting too close.

Wall Mounted Electric Fireplace

With safe electric fireplace inserts, no ash or smoke is produced. Due to this mess free benefit, the chance of sparking is eliminated. No escaped ash or dust will cause an uncontrolled fire or accident. This helps ensure even more fireplace safety. Especially with children or large groups of people, the risk of fireplace related incidents are greatly reduced. 

Finally, many people wonder, “Are wall mounted electric fireplaces safe?”, or “Is it safe to put a TV with an electric fireplace?”. Thanks to the ventilated heat, controlled temperatures, and unique constructions, the answers are yes. Checking the manuals to individual products is important, but generally these devices are made to go with one another. Electric fireplace entertainment centers exist, as well as wall mount electric fireplaces. Finding the perfect, safest pairing is made easy with preconstructed products like these. 

Electric Fireplace Under Mantel Shelf

Thanks to the array and developed technology of fireplaces, electric fireplace heaters are safe for the home. These electric fireplace heater inserts can also be extremely efficient. Making the switch to electric fireplaces will provide carefree, worryfree fireside evenings. 

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