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The Top 10 Portable Propane Gas Fire Pits under $200

Outland Firebowl 893 Deluxe

Outdoor gas fire pits can make a great addition to any backyard or outdoor patio space. Not only are gas fire pits useful and enjoyable, but they can become the focal point of any outdoor living space. Adding an outdoor gas fire pit can totally change the mood and overall look of your backyard or outdoor patio. Portable propane fire pits take your enjoyment to another level, as you can take your fire pit wherever you want. We’ve done our research and come up with the top 10 rated outdoor propane fire pits that won’t break the bank. Ready to learn more? Read on for our top 10 and some great information to help you choose the perfect outdoor gas fire pit for you!

Outland Fire Pit
Outland Fire Pit With Cover

The Outland Fire Bowl 893 is the ultimate portable propane fire pit. At only $140 with free shipping from Amazon Prime, this fire pit is the ultimate fire pit in terms of affordability, portability, and quality. This product has a fuel efficiency of 58,000 BTU and features a stainless steel burner, chrome knob with rubber grip, and steel construction with a high temperature coating and enamel finish. This fire pit is built to last through years and years of use.

$140 From Amazon

There is a reason Outland makes 4 of the highest rated portable propane fire pits. They make high quality products and include everything you need in your original purchase. We love products that don’t lead our readers to multiple other accessory/add on purchases to get started. Along with your fire pit, you will get everything pictured in the images above. The fire pit includes the cover, carry kit, a pre attached 10ft hose with gas regulator, a propane stabilizer ring, and the decorative rock set. Everything you need all in one package. Set-up is extremely easy and doesn’t require the use of any tools. If you are looking for a fire pit that is portable and won’t break the bank, this is the one for you. If you are looking for something smaller or less expensive that includes all of the great qualities of an Outland product, check out some of the other options in our top ten.

Heininger 5995 Fire Pit
Heininger 5995 Fire Pit

This Heininger Fire pit is a beautiful, sleek fire pit that has everything you would want in a portable propane fire pit. After a recent price reduction on Amazon, the Heininger 5995 is actually the least expensive fire pit in our top 10! Regarding the best bang for your buck, this fire pit cannot be beat,  especially with it being available for free shipping via amazon prime. Portable, lightweight, easy to carry, and the same efficiency (58,000 BTU) as the Outland model, we highly recommend this fire pit.

$94 From Amazon


Perfect for camping, backyards, or tailgating (Or All 3), this fire pit burns perfectly clean and smokeless. Just like the Outland fire pit (Our Top Pick), the Heininger includes a 10 ft propane tank hose and decorative lava rocks. The one downside is you will have to pay an extra $30+ if you would like to add on a carrying case. The case isn’t necessary, but if you are traveling with this fire pit, it might be worth it to buy the carrying case. Many users are quite surprised at the size of the fire and the amount of heat this gives off. With a 19 inch diameter, this fire pit packs quite the punch without all the hassle of lighting and maintaining a real burning fire. Take this fire pit to your neighbor’s house and you will be the most popular person at the gathering!

Co-Z Fire Pit With Lava Rocks
Co-Z Fire pit

If you are looking to find something on the less expensive side, this Co-Z fire pit model is absolutely a great option. We have to say though, we think all of the fire pits in our top 10 are really great deals. However, for only $100 this fire pit really gets the job done. This fire pit is the same size as our other top picks, with a diameter of 19 inches, but has slightly less heat efficiency at 52,000 BTU. It has fantastic portability and a very sturdy design, something Co-Z customers love about it.

$100 From Amazon

Available for free shipping via amazon prime, this fire pit will give you everything you need and more for the low price of $100. Included with the fire pit is a 10 ft propane hose as well as a gas regulator and lava rocks. While all 3 of our picks come with complimentary lava rocks, we happen to believe the Co-Z rocks are the best and most real looking. You really can’t go wrong with any of the models in our top 10, but if you are budget conscious, this fire pit might be the pick for you.

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