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Top Lava Rocks and Fireglass

 Gas fire pits make for easy and convenient fireside evenings. Available at all price points and in countless styles, gas fire pits are extremely customizable and accessible. An easy way to perfect the look your fire pit or table is by simply adding lava rock or fire glass for an added detail. Lava rocks and fire glass are made to withstand fires, and will not burn or spark. Not only do they improve conduction for warm fires, but they also add an entirely new ambiance. Available in different colors, textures, and sizes, rocks and glass are a simple way to accessorize your fire table. We’ve sorted through some of the best options out there– check out these Top Ten choices for your perfect outdoor fireside evening!


Product Image Price Rating
FirePit Essentials 10 lb. 1/2 inch Reflective Glass $39.99

-Pre-mixed color combination

-Durable and eco-friendly

OnlyFire Reflective Glass 10 lbs ; 1/4 inch   $26.99

-Jewel-like color

-Will not discolor

Golden Flame 10 lb. x 1/2 inch Fire Glass   $36.88

-Gently tumbled to remove sharp edges

-Coated to preserve glittering appearance

KIBOW 10 lb. x 3/4 inch Fire Glass Beads $24.99

-Smooth and round; no sharp edges

-Easy to clean

-Variety of colors

Mr. Fireglass Recycled Glass 10 lbs. $26.59

– Tumbled to remove sharp edges

-Recycled materials

-Variety of colors

American Fireglass Medium Black Lava Rock 10 lb. x ½-1 in.   $18.00

-Little maintenance

-Natural look

FirePit Essentials Red 10lb x 3/4 Inch Lava Rock $29.99

-Tested to resist melting and discoloring

-100% lava fire rock

onlyFire 10 lb. Fire Glass Drops $26.99-$28.99

-Sparkling and very reflective

-Round and smooth, safe to use

Stanbroil 10lb. X 1/2 inch Fire Glass $34.99

-Consistent jewel tone throughout

-Multiple colors

Blue Ridge Brand 10lb. Tumbled Lava Rock $26.99

-Unique composition; professional grade rock

-Tumbled for uniform look


Our Pick: Stanbroil

A favorite of Amazon shoppers, the Stanbroil selection of fire glass is top quality. With plenty of reviews to confirm, this selection of glass is rated at 4.8 / 5 stars and seems to be one of the more popular choices online. Carefully tempered to achieve a uniform, jewel tone throughout every piece, this reflective glass will add a sparkling glow to any fire pit. Its crushed style gives off a natural and rustic vibe, but the glass has been carefully tumbled to minimize the risk of cuts due to sharp edges so it’s safe to handle.. With a simple solution of vinegar and water, this glass is easy to polish if necessary. Available in both ½ and ¼ inch sizes and eight equally beautiful colors, the customization of your firepit is completely attainable with these glass pieces.


Runner Up: Blue Ridge Brand Tumbled Lava Rock

For a natural, rustic appearance, these smooth lava rocks make the perfect addition to compliment an outdoor space. Perfect for any flames, these rocks are built to withstand heat and sit in a glowing fire for hours. They help to radiate heat without the worries of cracking or crumbling. A different look than reflective glass, these rocks will add a unique and functional touch while maintaining the appearance of an outdoorsy area. Available in 3 different sizes, Blue Ridge Brand makes it easy to find the perfect fit for your fire pit.

Budget Pick: American Fireglass Medium Black Lava Rock

The cost of accessorizing a fire pit with rock or glass can quickly creep upward. With many pounds of rock often necessary to fill a pit, these black lava rocks ring up at one of the cheapest price points. Rock and glass are generally a more cost effective choice than burning logs, since they are reusable. These rocks keep things affordable at only $18 per 10 pounds– nearly half the cost of some other alternatives. The natural, crushed look of the rock makes for a perfect rustic, outdoorsy feel. The dark black color would pair well with nearly any patio design and could be used to fit a contemporary feel as well due to its simplicity. Shoppers say the size of the stones are perfect and love the way the rocks enhance the look of their fire pits as their fires burn.

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