It can be hard to choose from Amazon’s huge listing of electric fireplace inserts.  The team here at takes the stress out of the process by looking at reviews, customer images, videos, and product descriptions.  We’ve done the research for you so that you can feel confident in the insert you choose to purchase.

This listing focuses on the inserts with the most realistic flames.  We show you our top three listings, in which you’ll find a variety of styles and prices.  Happy shopping!

What is a fireplace insert?

A fireplace insert is designed to fit inside a masonry fireplace.  These are fireplaces made completely of brick or stone.  If your firebox has metal or ceramic walls, you have a prefab fireplace, and it will not accept most inserts.  For more information on the difference between prefab and masonry fireplaces, click here.

Fireplace inserts can run on a variety of fuels including electricity.  Electric inserts are valued for their ease.  You don’t have to build a fire or clean it up when it’s done burning.  They produce less heat than a traditional fireplace, but they’re also safer since they don’t have real flames.  Electric inserts don’t produce smoke, so you don’t need to open your flue while they burn.  While most electric inserts are obviously electric, some offer realistic flames, crackling sounds, and a beautiful ambiance.  Other inserts have flames that burn behind the logs instead of on them or oddly colored flames.  The inserts below are top notch with the most realistic flames around.

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#1 MagikFlame Holoflame Fireplace

  • Dimensions: 28"width, 32"height, 12"depth
  • 52,000BTU infrared quartz heater
  • Solid-state electronics; very few moving parts
  • LED and LCD technology rated at 50,000 hours
  • Touchscreen and app
  • Variable flame selection, power functions, volume levels, heat control, sleep timer, and nature sounds
  • 26 flame variations; 26 sound variations

#3 Giantex Electric Fireplace with Adjustable Flame Color

  • Dimensions: 28.5"width, 21"height, 5.7"depth
  • 5,118BTU heater
  • LED technology
  • Buttons and remote control
  • Variable flame selection, power functions, heat control, and sleep timer
  • 3 flame colors; 5 flame brightness settings

#2 PuraFlame Western Fireplace

  • Size variations:
    • 24.8"width, 21.46"height, 8.78"depth
    • 27.95"width, 24.61"height, 8.78"depth
    • 31.89"width, 24.61"height, 8.78"depth
    • 35.04"width, 26.99"height, 8.78"depth with or without glass door
    • 35.04"width, 22.44"height, 8.78"depth
  • 1,500W heater
  • LED technology
  • Remote control
  • Variable flame selection, volume levels, heat control, and crackling sounds
  • 3 flame variations; 6 sound variations